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How do to CPU bitcoin mining on Windows using rpcminer

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How to mine Bitcoins using your CPU (processor) on Windows (This works on all versions of windows, XP, Vista, 7, 8) using rpcminer. You can also use guiminer or bitmoose or a few other programs, but I have found the CPU mining on those to be unusually difficult sometimes, rpcminer is the only one that consistently works. For GPU mining, I would suggest guiminer. Bitcoin mining can be profitable, but not always, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. Bitcoin mining is not just priniting free money, there is much more to it then that, so make sure to factor in electricity costs, hardware costs, hardware wear and tear, and anything else, the chart I link to below will help you.

The steps are simple, and can all be packaged into a .bat file to start automatically if desired.

1. Get a Bitcoin wallet, and use that address to setup an account at a mining pool. I use slush personally and have had good luck (Slush’s Pool) but any pool can be used.

2. Download rpcminer. This can be downloaded from Here.

3. Follow the steps in the video to start rpcminer. Basically it must be started from the command line, and passed the arguments for pool address, username, password, and number of CPU threads. The commands that have to be run from the directory where rpcminer is (in windows vista/7/8 will probably be C:\users\username\downloads\bitcoin-rpcminer-20110227-win32bin): rpcminer-cpu.exe -url= -user=pascal11110.guest -password=guest -threads=4 -workrefreshms=4000. With this the will have to be replaced with the address for your mining pool, and user and password will have to be replaced with the username and password from you pool. You can run it with this exact code to try it out, it will just mine under my account.

4. If you want to run this automatically on startup of your computer, or want to be able to run it with just a double click, then create a blank text file. Change the extension of the file from .txt to .bat, then add the same code from earlier in (rpcminer-cpu.exe -url= -user=pascal11110.guest -password=guest -threads=4 -workrefreshms=4000). If you put the .bat file in the same directory as the rpcminer then you can leave it like that, but if you want to put it in the startup folder or run it as administrator you will have to change it to be C:\users\username\downloads\bitcoin-rpcminer-20110227-win32bin/rpcminer-cpu.exe -url= -user=pascal11110.guest -password=guest -threads=4 -workrefreshms=4000. Again the correct info will have to be put in for the path, address, user, and password.

That should be it! Any questions leave a question on my youtube page or at the bottom of the page here. Here’s the link to the youtube video page: Youtube Page

The client I use as my Bitcoin wallet is Bitcoin qt, which can be downloaded here:

You can also earn bitcoins by having people click on URL’s you shorten, it just takes them to an ad before it brings them to the site it was linking to, works very well: Bitcoin URL Shortner but if you would rather earn money instead of bitcoins, you can use this one instead: Cash URL shortener

If you are interested in understanding paper bitcoin wallets, this is a good description on reddit (some profanity): Reddit Paper Wallets

And if you want to learn more about bitcoin in general, I highly suggest reddit’s bitcoin subreddit:

A great chart of what to expect for speeds for a piece of hardware can be found here: Hardware Comparison Chart

I now accept donations through Bitcoins! If you don’t know what those are, you can get more information about them at My average donations are usually less than .001 BTC, but any amount helps me to make more tutorial videos, so any amount is gladly accepted.


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Comments (46)

  1. admin

    First ten people to comment with their bitcoin address will receive a small amount of bitcoins from me :)

    • Thanks for the video. I’m trying to get started LTC mining with just CPU, having a ton of trouble with ScryptMiner and GuiMiner – I’ll give this a try.


      • admin

        You’ll receive your bitcoins within 24 hours. I haven’t tried LTC mining yet, let me know how it goes. I also just posted a video on gpu bitcoin mining on Mac’s, so if you have one lying around try it out.

    • Brian

      Thanks for the video! Was very helpful to set up cpu-mining!


  2. Alex

    Thanks for your awesome guide but can we mine solo for only devcoins using rcpminer.

    BTC: 1Hv1tsUiJATpeTuxpRaEVtcjfpTgkjCN3k

    • admin

      You should be able to, you just need to set up the devcoin.conf file correctly,

      Code: [Select]

      This should allow you to solo mine, let me know how it works out for you.

      And coins are on their way, you’ll likely get them on less than 24 hours.

  3. Anonymous

    Cool. im relatively new to this, starting to learn difference between cpu and gpu mining. 1JBjFZLRNArSJuaGSjLN66DzvNRaZrNHAz

    • admin

      Really the only difference is the hardware that does the actual work. In CPU mining, it’s your processor that does all the work. This is piece of hardware from usually either Intel or AMD, such as an Intel Core i5, or an AMD Turion X2. This handles your everyday computing tasks. The GPU is also known as your video card. Most of the time this is idling, but when you do graphics intensive things such as gaming, it kicks into high gear and renders all the video you see on the screen. GPU mining is much faster than CPU mining (in most cases) because a GPU is kind of like a ton of small processors slapped together, and this allows it to parallel process a lot more hashes at once. This a very generalized statement, but is the main idea behind it.

      Also, your coins will arrive shortly!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for the tutorial very concise. 16XjAgHiBpuxbcdP2TvKAF5Wha62RfsqyK

    • admin

      Glad you liked the tutorial. I try to make them pretty idiot proof while keeping them at minimum length. If there’s anything I can do to improve, let me know!

      And bitcoins incoming!

  5. Lovely easy tutorial. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous

    nice tutorial


  7. Voigti

    hey….great video and explanation. i`ll give it a try…


    • admin

      Hope it works out, I’ll be making some videos on mining altcoins (litecoins, namecoins, devcoins, etc) soon, so check back. Payment incoming, expect it around 24 hours.

  8. i like this mining method. sorry for my poor english. instaling…

    • admin

      Your English is very good actually, good job learning a second language :) Payment is incoming, expect it in around 24 hours.

  9. Mr Hyms

    Nice simple tutorial.
    I already GPU mine on slush’s fund with cgminer – would you recommend CPI mining at the same time?


    • admin

      I mine on my laptop, and my GPU gets about 20 MH/s, and my CPU gets 5 MH/s second, so to me it’s definitely worth mining with both at the same time. If you start CPU mining though and see your hashrate drop on your GPU, then turn the CPU mining down a little (there are switches for that in the readme file), because maxing out the CPU can make the GPU mining a little slower taking away the benefits of CPU mining.

      And expect your bitcoins within 24 hours :)

  10. Mr Hyms

    Sorry : CPI == CPU

  11. Anonymous

    I’m new to this, but I’ve read that GPU mining is quite better, is it true? Or is it better to do CPU mining?

    Thanks in advance


    • admin

      It is much much better (in most cases) to do GPU mining. A good CPU gets 5-8 MH/s, while a good GPU can get hundreds of MH/s. But, not everyone has an OpenCL compatible GPU card in their computer, but then they can still CPU mine. Also, you can CPU mine while GPU mining, so it can just add a few MH/s to what you’re already getting.

      And the payment should arrive within 24 hours. Also, you’re the last winner, congratulations!

  12. admin

    All prizes have been given out for this video! I have another video on my site that I’m giving out bitcoins on, so check around for it :) Also, check out the videos on my Youtube page!

  13. Ruben

    Im having a problem with that code… When i press enter to let it begin, everything seems to be working fine, however it doesnt seem to take my worker name or password, i can even type it wrong, it keeps sending hash, ignoring my account completely, i tried using your account and it does the same thing, it ignores acc and pass information…. Any ideas?

    • admin

      That’s very odd, so basically you can put in any information and it will still give you a KH/s amount? Have you tried maybe using the mining proxy that Slush has available on the site? It’s just a .exe that you download, and leave running. Then instead of, you put http://localhost:8332. Try that out and see if it solves the problem.

  14. Ruben

    Well it doesnt give me any KH/s, not to my account atleast, i can imagine the owner of the pool does however. I dont seem to be able to find what .exe you’re talking about, could you pin point it or type its name? Thanks for the fast response ;d

  15. I need an calc to solve how many years to obtain one bitcoin at my current 1721 khash/s with my notebook Core 2 Duo T6400 2ghz toshiba satellite m305-s4910…

  16. Steve Cooper

    I’m brand new to mining bitcoins, and I have set up my wallet and registered with a pool (deeppit), I tried using another mining program but it wouldn’t connect to the pool, a typical problem I understand. I have downloaded your rpcminer, and done the things you said in the tutorial, but when it comes to copy/paste the path for the file, I just get “the sysytem cannot find the filepath specified”. I’m using windows XP and don’t get the same window to the file as your video. Please help, It’s driving me crazy.

    • admin

      Yours will be a bit different since you have Windows XP. Your User path will be C:\”Documents and Settings”\YOURUSERNAME… instead of C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME…

  17. Steve Cooper

    Thanks I’ll let you know how I get on.

  18. Steve Cooper

    Ok, I’m an Idiot, I know and accept that. I have done everything you showed me on the video, and with your reply, but I still get “system cannot find filepath specifed” I’ll type in here exactly what I type in from the command prompt.
    C:\>cd \Documents and Settings\Steve & Danni\My Documents\Downloads\bitcoin-rpcminer-20110227-win32bin
    That’s the line I type. I’ve also tried copying and pasting from the “location” when you go into the properties of the file. this brings up this
    C:\>cd \Documents and Settings\Steve & Danni.WHITEHOLLY\My Documents\Downloads\bitcoin-rpcminer-20110227-win32bin
    The “WHITEHOLLY” portion is the name I gave the C: drive. silly I know but it is our business name and we liked it.
    Maybe from this information you can tell what I am doing wrong. I would appreciate any input you can give me.

  19. Anonymous

    everytime I try doing: cd C:\Users\username\Desktop\bitcoin-rpcminer-20110227-win32bin it just gives me “C:\>”

  20. Johnny

    everytime I try to type in cd Users\username\Desktop\bitcoin-rpcminer-20110227-win32bin it just returns “C:\>” I’m on windows 7

  21. Hi Admin..

    I trying to use cpumner with my laptop acer 4710 with dualcore processor and 1 gb RAM.. and I only receive 1059-1060 Khs every 10 second. How much I can receive bitcoin in 1 day ?

    Thanks for your answer

  22. T

    thanks for the tutorial


  23. Steve Cooper

    hey, I finally figured out how to get to the file in the command prompt. I then followed all your instructions, but when I set the miner going I get the error message:-

    Could not retrieve work from RPC server
    CURL return value = 7
    No blocks are being hashed right now. This can happen if the application is still starting up, you supplied incorrect parameters, or there is a communications error connecting to the RPC server

    You mentioned that I could have put in incorrect information in the command line, I have checked it through but cannot see where my error is. The command that I put in are as follows

    C:\Documents & Settings\Steve & Danni.WHITEHOLLY\My Documents\Downloads\bitcoin-rpcminer-20110227-win32bin>rpcminer-cpu.exe -url= -user=”username for deepbit account” -password=”password for deepbit account” -threads=2 -workrefreshms=100

    I would appreciate any help you can give me


  24. Anonymous

    could rpc miner set for quark?

  25. anarky

    I´ve done all the process you teach, but i have tried to put a wrong password to see the error, for my surprise the rpc miner find the target and start to mine!
    Now i don´t know if the rpc is doing his job correctly, or i am mining nothing. The numbers on the SLUSH account still all 0(zero).
    Can you help me?


  26. Steve Cooper

    Stromboli ??!!??


  27. hi, i read your tutorial and its very nice
    i done everything correctly as in the video.
    i have put my username and password(i am using and it shows the target as 0000ffffffffffff………etc
    and then it shows the speed
    2187 khash/ s
    2426 khash/ s……..

    is everything working correctly?
    how will i know how much bitcoins it mined, and when should i stop the mining?
    can i stop it anytime?
    please help as soon as you can.

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