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How to get the Start button back on Windows 8 with ClassicShell

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This is how to get the start button back in windows 8. It will have all the same features that it had in windows 7, such as programs menu, shut down menu (restart, sleep, etc), search bar, computer, control panel, etc. The website for Classic Shell is Download Classic Shell.

Just download ClassicShell from the link I’ve provided, run the installer. And you’re done! If you want to make it look more like the Windows 7 start button, or just want to make it look different in general, I have a link here for that: How to make the Classic Shell Start button look like the Windows 7 Start button

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Choose the option on Ninite for Classic Start (also known as Classic Shell). This will be in the list under utilities, and is a free program that puts a start button on the taskbar in Windows 8. It is a free program, and works just like the start button in Windows 7. Just check the checkbox.

Step 3: Choose any other software you might want to install or update (it’s all free software, and if you already have any of them installed, they will be updated to the newest version), and then hit the get installer button at the bottom. This will download an installer that downloads and installs Classic Start.

Step 4: Run the installer you downloaded. You can choose the run option when it asks what you want to do with it, or you can just double click it after it is downloaded.

Step 5: The installer will automatically do everything for you, so as soon you can hit the show progress button if you want, but it will tell you when it’s done. After it’s done, restart your computer just in case.

Step 6: The rest of the steps are optional, just more for your information then anything. These next steps just deal with changing the look of the Classic Shell (to make it look more like the Classic Start Menu, or make it look more shiny)

Step 7: To make the start button on Windows 8 look more like Windows 7, or just different in general, right click on the start button, and choose the settings option. A window should pop up, and the tabs at the top are the different options available. To change the look, really you only need the Start Menu Style and Skins tab, and there is the Basic Settings Tab too for other things. If you want more control over the start menu, choose the advanced settings option at the bottom.

Step 8: To change the look of the start button on Windows 8, just select the options you want under Start Menu Style and Skins. All of the Start Menu Styles basically have the same functionality, they just look different. SO no matter which one you choose, you can still get to your programs, control panel, and other stuff. The skins tab allows you a lot more control over the layout of the menu, and of the look of the start button. You can add other looks for the button, as shown in my tutorial here for how to make the start button look like Windows 7 in Windows 8.

Classic Shell/Classic Start is very easy to use, but also very powerful, so feel free to play around with the settings. Worst comes to worst, and you mess it up, just uninstall it and reinstall it to get your start button back on Windows 8. Just by default it is wonderful and gets back all the features you need, but it is even better than the regular Windows 7 start button because you can change it and make it better suit your needs.

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