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How to do GPU Bitcoin Mining on a Mac with Diablo Miner

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This is an in depth video on how to do GPU Bitcoin mining on an Apple computer with OSX (will work on Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion) with DiabloMiner. The video is done on Windows, but the exact same process applies to mining on a Mac (I just didn’t have access to a Mac to make the video with, but I have done mining on Macs). If you have any wonky things happening that didn’t happen in my video, leave a comment and read the readme that came with DiabloMiner.

The mining pool site (where you set up an account): Slush’s Mining Pool
The site to download DiabloMiner: Diablo Miner
command to start GPU mining (has to be run in the directory where the program is): ./ -u pascal11110.guest -p guest -o -r 8332 -w 64
Replace pascal11110.guest with your username, guest with your password, with your mining pools address, and 8332 with you mining pools port. If you have any issues connecting, then try my credentials to see if those work. If they do, then you have typed some of your info in wrong.

The client I use as my Bitcoin wallet is Bitcoin qt, which can be downloaded here: Download Bitcoin Qt

A great chart of what to expect for speeds for a piece of hardware can be found here: Expected mining speeds for hardware

Want to get free bitcoins? It doesn’t pay much, but if you’re just starting out and want a few for your wallet, you can get very small amounts of free coins from this site for visiting other websites: Bit Visitor

And this one gives you small amounts for just putting in your receiving address every day: Netlookup

You can also earn bitcoins by having people click on URL’s you shorten, it just takes them to an ad before it brings them to the site it was linking to, works very well: CoinURL. But if you would rather earn cash from shortening URL’s you can use this one instead:Cash URL shortener

I now accept donations through Bitcoins! If you don’t know what those are, you can get more information about them at My average donations are usually less than .001 BTC, but any amount helps me to make more tutorial videos, so any amount is gladly accepted.


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Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    hi i am using a mac and i followed your steps and im having a problem on the last step when i enter my info and hit enter i get a command saying -bash: command not found…. could it be that im using mac os x 10.5.8? also im on a macbook

    • admin

      I actually have a newer video on how to do GPU bitcoin mining, that you can find by checking my Youtube channel (I’ll make an article for it here soon) that makes it much easier for you to mine. BUT I don’t think you’ll be able to mine regardless, because you have OSX 10.5, where OpenCL (required for most mining) isn’t supported until 10.6. Is there a way you can upgrade you Macbook?

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