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OCZ Vector HDTune speed test vs 5400 rpm Hard Drive

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This video shows a HDTune Read test for 3 different drives. An OCZ Vector 256 GB drive, a Seagate 1TB (ST1000LM024), and a 32 GB Samsung PM830 MSATA solid state drive. The drives are all in a Dell Inspiron 17R SE (8 GB ram, Nvidia 650m, Core i7 3610 QM).

The average read speeds and access times:
Seagate 1TB HDD: 85.5 MB/s 19.0ms
Samsung 32GB SSD: 166.7 MB/s .117 ms
OCZ Vector 256GB: 274.6 MB/s .131 ms

The OCZ Vector Solid State Hard Drive One of the Ever Consumer SSD's

The SSD’s both destroyed the Spinning Hard drives in the test, as shown in the video. Both are incredible advantage over the spinning hard drives, especially as time went on.

My boot time with the Seagate 1TB was around 2 minutes, while with the OCZ Vector it was less than 10 seconds. I never used the 32 GB MSATA as a boot drive, but I used it to hold a virtual machine, and that booted in 20 seconds on the solid state versus about 40 seconds on the spinning hard drive (it was Windows 8, which does boot faster than Windows 7)

The OCZ Vector can be purchased in two sizes, the OCZ Vector 512 GB and the Vector 256 GB. I purchased my 256 Gigabyte Vector for $240.98 from Newegg. This came with a free copy of Far Cry 3 (you have to download Ubisoft Uplay to download the game, which kind of sucks, but it does work). The best prices I am seeing currently are on Amazon, but check prices at other sites as well. Here are links to the best other sites to get it from:

Link to OCZ Vector 128 GB at Newegg, currently $128.99 and has Far Cry 3
Link to OCZ Vector 256 GB at Newegg, currently $269.99 and has Far Cry 3
Link to OCZ Vector 512 GB at Newegg, currently $539.99 and has Far Cry 3

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