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How to Track and View WordPress Post and Site Views and Visits

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This video will show you how to track and view data for your Worpress website, such as site views, views for individual posts, comments, and search terms used to find your website. This will also show views over time, and which links are clicked on your site. It’s a very powerful tool that helps track all the useful information for your website to help SEO (search engine optimization) and learn how people are getting to, and using your website.

I’m running WordPress 3.5.1, and the plugin’s site is The plugin takes just a minute to install, and is very easy to use. Just activate it after you install it though FTP/SFTP, and then go to the Jetpack tab at the top left. Then activate the Stats, and any other options that you think you will use. Then go to the jetpack tab again, and go to the site stats tab.

The Sites Stats tab has a lot of useful information. At the top is a daily graph that shows the amount of page views, and can be adjusted to show weekly or monthly stats. This tracks total views rather than unique views, so if a user looks at several of your pages they will count as a new view for each page they view.

On the left there is a tab for referrers, that will show which sites refer traffic to you. If the user clicks on a google link to get to your page, then the referrer will show up as google. If someone clicks on a link from my website to get there, the referrer will show up as If it comes from a certain page on my website, it might show up as

There is a Search Engine Terms tab below that that shows what terms people used to get to your website. Quite commonly it won’t show what people used to get to your site, because they used encryption or for other reasons, but it still shows useful information over time of what people are getting to your site by, so then you can change you keywords through SEO to get more traffic.

The tab below that shows the amount of comments your site is linked in, and shows amount of subscribers to your blog.

On the right side there is the Post views tab, that shows how many people have looked at each of your posts. This does not represent unique visitors to your site because it counts people who look at several post as a view each time. This can help you find where your traffic is coming from and what your most popular articles are.

Below that on the right is the clicks tab. Anytime someone clicks on an outgoing link on your site this will show that. if you use adfly links to metize your WordPress site, this can show you which links are being clicked so you can monetize the most useful ones (if you don’t know what adfly is, they pay when people click on your shortened links, check it out here:

If you’re looking to monetize your WordPress website, check out my video on how to do that here:

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