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How to install and use SpeechJammer on Windows 8

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This video will show you how to download SpeechJammer on Windows. This will work on all the Windows versions (Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP), and is entirely free. It’s a quick download, but you may have to install Microsoft DirectX if you don’t already have it installed, and .Net 3.5. After that, Download SpeechJammerLite from the link below.

The first page seen in the video is: this site seems to be made by the creators of the program, so some of it is in Chinese, but the landing page is in English. The download link for SpeechJammerLite is right there, as well as the link for DirectX.

The direct link for DirectX is:

The link to download .Net is: simply choose .Net from the checkmarks, then hit get installer. Download the installer, and run it. If you don’t have the newest .Net installed, it will automatically download and install it, and if you do have the newest, it will just skiip it and say up to date. You can just run the Speech Jammer without this step, and it will tell you if you need .NET, but you can run this just in case.

After you have DirectX and .Net installed, you can download the SpeechJammerLite file. This will download as a .zip file, so right click on it and extract it, and then open the folder that you extracted. In this you will find SpeechJammerLite.exe, which you can double click on to run.

Once SpeechJammerLite opens, select which microphone to use at the bottom left. Next, make sure your volume is all the way up so that you cant hear yourself over the sound from the headphones (works best with noise cancelling headphones). Then hit start jamming and just try to talk.

It affects some people less and others more, and works much better when you can’t hear yourself speak. A great video showing how much SpeechJammer can affect you is this gun review: and I’ll make a demonstration video with it eventually.

Here’s an image of a hardware SpeechJammer:
A hardware SpeechJammer gun that can be used in everyday life

If you see a good tutorial on making one of these hardware ones, let me know in the comments. Like a good DIY SpeechJammer tutorial on how to build a SpeechJammer from scratch in the garage. Even really just electrical prints would be enough. I’ll look around as well, but you may find something I haven’t.

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