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How to Get More Views on Youtube Videos

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This video will show you how to get more views on your Youtube videos, for free. What I show you are just simple tips that will get your content out there, and help people find your videos.

Most of the tips in this video are based off of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which just means that it makes it easier for people to find your videos on the internet, and then click on them once they find them.

Good Content for the Youtube Video

The most important aspect is your content. If you have good content, you will get more views over time. If you have bad content, then it is very unlikely your video will do well, and will get less views over time as it gets downvoted. Your biggest asset will be people upvoting your content and sharing it with others because it is good. To make better content, just try to always improve. It will take a while before you get the hang of it, and you’ll have to try a lot of different things. Just for example, I started making my videos with a cheap camera, and with Camstudio for desktop recording. I found that the videos weren’t turning out at the quality I would like, and you can see this in some of my earlier videos. Later, I started using Camtasia Studio (a professional software for recording the desktop), and I got a Canon T4i to record my Youtube videos. The increase in quality is huge, and has caused me to get a lot more views. An example of a Youtube video with the Canon T4i is my Google Nexus 4 Review here:

Youtube Video Title

The next most important aspect is your title. Basically word your title based on how you want people to find your video. So if your video is on how to help people get more views on Youtube, then you’ll want to use the keywords Views, and Youtube especially in your title. Also don’t make it to specific or too broad. You want the people who want to see your video to find it, but you don’t want people who don’t want to see your content be tricked into watching it. Good traffic will cause more good traffic to come, while bad traffic will downvote your content and make it harder to find for good traffic.

Choose the Right Youtube Video Thumbnail

The next most important thing is your thumbnail. This picture can really describe to people the content and quality of your video, so always upload a relevant and high quality picture if one of the random thumbnails for the video isn’t good enough.

How to use Youtube Tags

Tags are also super important, because these determine where your video shows up in the sidebar for related videos. THis can get you a huge amount of traffic, especially if you have a good title. I get around 40% of my traffic from being in the related videos. Don’t just put random tags, becuase this could actually hurt you by only putting you in the related column on videos you’re not related to, making it so people who are viewing the current video aren’t interested in yours. You want to show up in the sidebar of videos where people are interested in your video, so make sure to use relevant tags. Just for example, if you are making a video about how to do something with computers, then put tags in the tag box like Windows, Linux, Mac, Desktop, Video, Windows 8, Download, Application, and a lot of others like this. They don’t necessarilly have to be exactly what’s in your video, just have to be tags that are related to things that people who would watch your video would be interested in.

How to Use Youtube Video Annotations

You can also use annotations and video links to get more traffic. If you put your links to your videos around on relevant websites, or in the description of the video, it’s another way for traffic to find your videos.

Annotations can also be helpful, which are basically just links that are on your video, that go to other videos. And if your content is high quality, traffic will want to watch other videos of yours.

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