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How to Start Losing Weight -With Help!

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It can sometimes be difficult to lose weight without help or direction, so this is going to be the guide I wish I had when I began to lose weight.

1.Weight loss is not instant.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but losing 5 pounds can feel like it is taking forever. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t see a change, give it time and stick to it. If you stay motivated and build healthy habits you will see changes. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. :)

2.Don’t change your diet all at once.

Take it slow; start by cutting sodas and sugary drinks out, then maybe processed food and stuff like that. Slowly incorporate new and healthier foods in your diet- remember, you want this to be long term. Make it something you can stick to without being miserable. Find foods you enjoy eating, they make eating well easy.

3.Stick to the 80/20 idea.

Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. But this doesn’t mean skip out on being active altogether- it is a balance. Just because you exercise a ton doesn’t mean you can eat anything and lose wight, and just because you eat extremely well doesn’t mean you should sit around all day;
have a healthy balance between the two.

4.Don’t overdo it.

Be lenient sometimes, its ok. Some days just completely suck and you want to eat a few bag things- give in every once in a while. It’s unhealthy to stress about losing weight and dieting every minute of every day.

5.Schedule a cheat day one day per week.

You’re going to crave unhealthy stuff, give yourself that one day to eat a little bad and satisfy some of those cravings.

6.Make sure to eat enough.

Like I said before, weight loss is not instant, and eating less will not necessarily make you lose weight faster. Eating too little will make you sick, and is extremely unhealthy. Try to stick to three good meals a day with snacks mixed in between them. If you think you are developing an eating disorder, please seek help- losing weight is NOT worth making yourself sick over.

7.Stay motivated.

It is easy to fall out of your diet after a rough day or idle few weeks. Set realistic, achievable goals and remind yourself of the rewards if you stick to it. Keep a journal, or post motivational sticky notes around your house. There are also social websites out there designed to help keep you motivated. I recommend Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal, Tumblr, or the Reddit fitness subreddits.

8.You don’t need a gym membership to work out.

There is plenty of space outside to run, and there are oodles of body weight exercises that can be done inside. You also don’t need an hour to work out, even fifteen minutes of working out is better than nothing!

9.Home cooked meals are awesome.

Not only are they fun to make, but you can find things you like that are healthy, which is good to help keep you on track. Plan your meals ahead of time, if you have the food already purchased and waiting, you’re more likely to make it. Make cooking fun; try new recipes and enjoy the relaxing cooking time- and the smells!

10.Try to avoid super-processed food.

If the food is intended to last forever, it may not be the best for you. Try to stick to ‘the less packaging, the better’ mindset while grocery shopping.

11.Never talk down about yourself.

Realize how necessary it is to have confidence in yourself no matter how you look. No amount of dieting or exercising can change how you see yourself-seriously. If you want to change your lifestyle and become healthier, first understand how awesome and gorgeous you are as a person. Understand that you don’t need to lose weight to be totally amazing, because you don’t. If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself. Do it so you can run farther, have more energy, feel perkier, and just feel as awesome as you know you are. Don’t lose weight because you think you have to for someone else’s validation. Please.


Drink lots of it. A glass before bed, a glass when you wake up, while you’re working out, all the time- It does wonders.

13.If you’re on a budget, you have options.

Beans and rice are relatively cheap and can be worked into almost any meal. They are good for meeting calories or some extra protein.

The decision to become healthier is not an easy one- it takes dedication and perseverance. It is a lifestyle change, not a short term thing, but if done right it can have so many positive outcomes.

If you need someone to motivate you or help get you started, I can help! :)


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