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How to Find Windows Phone Operating System Version

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This video shows how to find the operating system version of a Windows phone. The phone in the video is a Nokia Lumia 521 running Windows 8.0.

First, go to the home screen, and swipe left. This will bring up the App list.

In the App list, scroll down until you see an option for Settings. You can also search for Settings using the search bar at the top. Then select the Settings option.

In the Settings window, scroll down 2/3 of the way until you see an option for About (It will say Windows Phone under it). Select this option.

The About screen shows specifications for your phone, including the phone model, and the operating system version. The phone in the video was shown to be a Nokia Lumia 521 with the Windows 8.0 operating system.

The newest operating system available from Microsoft is the Windows 8.1 opearting system. This phone does not allow upgrading to 8.1, which makes many Apps from the App store unable to be installed. So the highest operating system available is an important piece of information when looking for a new phone.

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