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How to Turn off Youtube Annotations

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Annotations on Youtube, if used correctly, can be pretty helpful, especially with giving you links to some referenced videos, or guiding you through a multipart series in order. Unfortunately, a lot of people abuse the annotation feature, and the video player just becomes a mess of pop ups that are always blocking the important part of the video. Luckily, annotations can be turned off by default on Youtube in your account, so then if there is a time you want to see them, you can just enable them by going to the gear on the Youtube video player, and checking the annotations option.


To turn off annotations by default, you first just need to log into your Youtube account. Once logged in, click on the account button at the top right (the little circle icon with your Youtube image in it), and then click the gear, shown in the image below:

Youtube select settings

Next, under the account settings on the left, choose the option for Playback.

select playback tab

Once in the Playback submenu, you’ll see in the center “Show annotations and in-video notifications”. Just deselect the check mark next to it on the left, and annotations will be disabled by default on Youtube videos!

Deselect Annotations

Unfortunately, many people have warned that this setting sometimes “forgets” to be selected (probably usually when browser cookies are deleted, or the browser is updated), which is annoying because it really should be tied to the account rather than the internet browser. But, if this does happen to you that annotations start showing up even though you deselected them in your profile, go and check that the box is still deselected.

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