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Find where Youtube video is Posted on the Internet

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This video will show you a useful way to find where Youtube videos are linked on the internet. For example you could find if your Youtube video is posted on a forum, or if someone has posted your video to Facebook.

First, just find the video you are interested in. For example, in this post we will use the video “How to Remove a Hard Drive From a Laptop Computer”

Next, you just need to copy the last part of the video url, everything after the watch?v=. So for the example video, it would be Lf7C34MaMLs. This is basically the videos unique identifier. No other video will have this same combination of values.

Next, paste that into Google and run a search. So pasting Lf7C34MaMLs yields:

Finding Youtube Video On Forum Posts

As you can see, the first result is the Youtube page of the original video. This is to be expected, because it is how Youtube identifies the video. The next few results are spam/automatically created. The first real interesting result is the 6th video down, where someone posted the Youtube video in a forum. Also, on the next page of results, there is a link to where the Youtube video is posted on Reddit.

Finding if your Youtube video is linked or posted in a forum, or on someones web page, or reddit can be very important so that you can see how people are finding your videos. In the in your Channel there are some statistics for where external views are coming from, but they don’t show the exact page, so it can be hard to see the context for the views, so this method can give you a lot more information.

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