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How to Find Fake Amazon Reviews

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It can be pretty frustrating to order a product that doesn’t live up to your expectiations, especially when the reviews say the product is great. Amazon especially is known for having a lot of fake reviews. Fortunately their are some easy ways to spot fake Amazon product reviews.

The easiest way to do this is to check

First, just find the product on Amazon that you want to check. For example, I’ll use the second result that pops up on Amazon for “headphones” Then go to Fakespot, and paste the URL into the search bar on the Home page (shown below).

Grade Given By Fakespot for Amazon Products

Then hit analyze. If the product has already been analyzed the results will pop up immediately. Otherwise you will have to wait a couple minutes while it’s analyzed. When the results pop up it will be pretty immediately obvious how good the reviews are. Fakespot uses computer algorithms to detect whether a review was written by a human, or created by a machine (almost always a fake review) and is usually incredibly accurate. For the product I selected (the headphones), Fakespot gives the reviews a D. This is a very poor grade, and suggests that the manufacturer or seller has gone out of their way to make the product look better than it is.

Fakespot suggests many fake reviews

With a D rating it is pretty likely you’ll want to find a different product, because usually if someone resorts to faking reviews like this, there is a better product out there. But, if you are not convinced and want to do some more research on that product, Fakespot supplies a bit more extended information on why it thinks the review is fake below.

Fakespot shows high keyword usage for certain terms

This shows that Fakespot thinks the reviews are almost half fake, and shows some of the common keywaords used. If a lot of reviews use the same keywords, they are likely computer generated and are easy to pick out. It also suggests that overall, very few reviews provide a quality description of the product.

Then farther below, there is in my opinion the most interesting information. Fakespot analyzes the individual reviewers to see if they have a patter of giving similar reviews, or have done a huge amount of reviews in a short time (indicative of being paid for reviews)

Amazon reviewers with fake reviews

Fakespot suggests that the reviewers are fake for this product based on their accounts and how they review products. It even shows you which accounts it suggests as unreliable, so you can check them out yourself.

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