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How to Install a Litecoin Wallet on Windows

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Downloading the LTC (Litecoin) wallet will allow you to send, receive, and store Litecoins. It will also allow you to make a backup of your LTC wallet so that even if your computer were to die, your LTC would still be safe.

The software to get is called Litecoin-Qt and is the official wallet of the LTC currency. To get and install the Litecoin wallet, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Download the Litecoin Qt Software from

Just go to , and then choose the option to download for Windows. This download will work for all versions of Windows (Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP). As soon as you click it, it should start downloading.

Download the Litecoin Qt Wallet for Windows

Step 2:Install the Litecoin Qt Software

Just double click the file you downloaded to install the Litecoin wallet.

Litecoin Qt Wallet Installer Icon

Then, just hit next through the prompts, it will take a minute to install, and then just hit next when it is finished.

Finishing the Litecoin Qt installer

Step 2: Start the Litecoin Qt Wallet

You can receive LTC while the wallet isn’t running, but they won’t show up in your wallet until you open the wallet and it finishes synchronizing to the network.

The first time the wallet opens, it will take several hours (6-12) to synchronize to the network, every time after that it should only take a couple minutes.

To open the wallet, just go into all programs, and start the one called Litecoin.

It will sit on this screen for a minute before the LTC wallet opens:

Litecoin Wallet Splash Screen

After this it will open to the wallet

Litecoin Wallet Front Page Synchronizing

Step 3: Receive Litecoins

To set up your wallet to receive Litecoins, just click on the receive tab at the top.

This page shows all your addresses you can use to receive Litecoins, and lets you create more. Each one of these addresses is linked to your wallet, so if you create a new one and give it to someone, and they send LTC to that address, they will show up in your wallet and will be linked to coming in from that address.

Receive Litecoins with the Litecoin Qt Wallet

To create a new Litecoin receive address, just hit new at the bottom, and then give it a unique name. So if you are making that address so that your friend Fred can send you LTC, a good name would be “LTC From Fred”, or if Fred sends you coins often, you could name it “Fred 12/31/13” and then create a new one with the date every time he needs to send you LTC. You can create basically unlimited amounts of addresses, so go nuts.

Set up a Litecoin Receive Address

You can also right click on an address and select copy to copy it to your clipboard so you can easily paste it where you need to.

Copy Litecoin Address to Make it easier

Step 4: Send Litecoins

Sending LTC is just as simple.

First, click on the “Send” tab at the top, then paste the address you want to send to into the “Pay to:” line. Then just enter the amount to send, and hit send. It’s that simple.

Set up Send Litecoin Qt Windows

Send Litecoins with Litcoin Wallet on Windows

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