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How to find where short link leads without clicking on it ( etc)

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Short links are used all over today. Anytime you see an address that is or or even, the link has been shortened for various reasons. One can be so that it’s easier to copy, or that it can be easier to remember if you pick a “vanity” shortlink (like, as well as a myriad of others. Unfortunately, short links can also be used for evil. Scammers will commonly try to hide where the link will take you by using short links, so, would just look the same as any other link. Also, it’s much harder for websites to spam filter, because while you could block links to, it’s much harder to block short links that link you there.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to not only find out where the short link will take you, but also some useful statistics about it. First, we will take a short link (this is the one I show in the video, taken from the youtube description of a Pewdiepie video)

Just looking at the link, it’s impossible to know where it will link you too, but if you just add a plus to the link ( then when you click on it, it will bring you to a page where you can view where it links to, as well as statistics for the link. You can see the web page for the link in the image below:

Find where short link goes without clicking

This works with just about any short linking system you’ll find on the internet, including the ones that are pay per click.

I definitely suggest using this to tell where you are being linked to, especially if you don’t know the person giving you the link (random email, random user comment, suspicious message on facebook), and then don’t go to the page if it seems different than what you were expecting.

How to find the Google Page Rank of a Website

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To check the page rank of a website, simply type it’s url into the box below. Make sure to leave in the http:// as well as the www. Bear in mind that vs can generate different results, so make sure to use the correct version for that. When you type it in and hit “Check PR” it will take you to the page rankers website, where you will have to type in a captcha code before it gives you the result.

If you want to display your page rank on your website, the site has a tool for that too, it will look like this:

Page Rank Check

I show how to do this in the video above, but to get the code that shows your page rank to embed, just go to and then type in your website and say hit “Generate”. Then type in the captcha code, and it will give you some html code that you just have to copy and paste into your site.

Currently, my site is a Page Rank 0. THis is because it hasn’t been updated since I have added a lot of new content and been linked to. After the next update (Google updates the page rank ever 3-6 months usually) then my page rank will probably go up to 1 or 2, possible higher. I will have a new page with lots of tips on how to increase your page rank soon.

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Your google page rank is calculated based on a lot of things, but mostly it is based on the amount and quality of your backlinks. For example, if you got a backlink from some unknown URL, then it will barely affect your page rank, while if you get a backlink from a site like The New York Times which is Google Page Rank 9, or which is Google Page Rank 7, then it will greatly affect your page rank depending on what rank you currently are. Like if one of those linked your website and it was currently at Google PR 0, it would definitely jump up a few places, while if it was Google PR 6 it may not affect the Page Rank at all.

Another big thing that can affect the rank of your page is the quality of the links, as in links to nefarious websites can reduce your page rank, because Google will assume you are affiliated with them. THat’s why it’s best to avoid links to scammy or adult websites, and avoid receiving links from them.

I would also avoid purchasing links from higher ranking websites. These links can be expensive with little benefit, and can actually reduce your page rank if google finds that your site is involved in a link scam. The better way to get good backlinks is just to have good content that others will want to link to, and link plenty of other good content on your site, because then the owners of that content will notice the incoming links from you, and may return the favor if you have something to offer.